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Other Services

Roofing isn’t all Palafox Roofing Systems offers residential and commercial clients. The company also provides experienced, qualified external renovation services. Professional home remodeling contractors on the company’s staff know how to help homes recover from the grueling wear and tear of North Texas weather.

Here’s just a sample of the many home and business remodeling services Palafox Roofing Systems offers:

For a professional business or home remodeling contractor, contact the experts at Palafox Roofing Systems today.


Exterior remodeling is offered by Palafox Roofing Systems. All exterior remodeling is carried out by experienced professionals who take pride in the quality of their workmanship.

Palafox Roofing Systems carries out restoration and repair work to residential and commercial building exteriors. Whether the damage is to the roofing, decking, siding, gutters or windows, Palafox Roofing Systems can fix the problem quickly and professionally, creating a renovated exterior that will last for many years.

Additional services offered by Palafox Roofing Systems in North Texas include making new additions or rehabilitation of old buildings. When homeowners in Dallas or Fort Worth need help extending their home, they know they can rely on the professional and reliable service provided by the experienced contractors at Palafox Roofing Systems.

Exterior remodeling can add a lot of value to a property. In addition, exterior remodeling improves the functionality and appearance of homes and office buildings. Timely repairs to the exterior of a building can avoid greater costs in the future.

However big or small the job, whether it be installing new decking or repairing a broken window, Palafox Roofing Systems is the premier choice for new additions, rehabilitation, restoration and repair of buildings in North Texas.


The interior remodeling services offered by Palafox Roofing Systems are of the highest quality. The professional and highly experienced contractors at Palafox Roofing Systems perform new additions and upgrades in homes all over North Texas.

When a valued customer needs help with their kitchen, bath, cabinets, countertops or room expansion, the friendly and highly competent staff at Palafox Roofing Systems is able to help. Contractors work with homeowners to discuss their individual needs and design an interior remodeling solution that works for them.

Many people hire an interior remodeling contractor to repair water damage after floods. Palafox Roofing Systems are very experienced in carrying out these kinds of repairs. When a beautiful home interior has been destroyed by floods, people can be left feeling devastated. Palafox Roofing Systems act quickly to repair the damage and restore the home to its former glory.

It is essential to work with a company that can be trusted when carrying out interior remodeling work. Home interiors are very personal environments and homeowners put a lot of trust in contractors that they invite into their homes. Palafox Roofing Systems have an excellent reputation and are sure to leave their customers feeling satisfied.


Palafox Roofing Systems can help clients install a new patio or turn the one they already have into a more inviting space. Almost half of all new homes sold today feature patios for outdoor entertainment and use. Concrete patios offer many advantages over wooden patios in terms of installation costs, durability and design.

With 15 yrs of experience, Palafox Roofing Systems has been providing Dallas/Fort Worth residences and small businesses with innovative roofing and remodeling solutions.


In addition to roof installations, repairs and preventive maintenance, Palafox Roofing Systems specializes in exterior remodeling for residential and commercial clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Concrete is one of the most versatile materials for exterior remodeling. Palafox Roofing Systems works with concrete contractors to assist clients with all their driveway, sidewalk and patio needs.

Concrete has a lot of advantages when it comes to building patios:

Residential Roofing

Many homeowners in North Texas will need roof repairs or outright roof replacement at some point. Finding a capable roofing company with experience, high-quality materials and transparent cost schedules can be difficult, particularly when a homeowner needs fast service to recover from hail or storm damage.

Commercial Roofing

Palafox Roofing Systems offers commercial roofing solutions for businesses of all sizes. The professional, reliable contractors working for Palafox Roofing Systems understand the requirements of commercial industrial roofing systems.